About the Butterfly



The ADHD butterfly symbol grew out of a conversation on an ADHD facebook group I’m in, about what images and symbols people felt represented them and their ADHD.  The butterfly resonated with many, symbolising how our minds often flit from one thing to the next.

The accepted neurodiversity symbol is a rainbow infinity symbol:


This symbol is, however, most strongly associated with people with Autism Spectrum Disorder.  As someone with ADHD I was looking for something to represent me and positive attitudes to ADHD, decided to combine this with the symbolism of a butterfly and designed the image you see at the top.

The ADHD neurodiversity butterfly keeps the basic figure-of-eight shape, representing neurodiversity as a whole, but with and ADHD-centric butterfly twist.  If you like it, there are several versions below in B&W as well as colour, and on both black and white backgrounds.  I am releasing these images free of any copyright, and you’re welcome to use them as you wish.  If you would like higher resolution copies or different formats, feel free to contact me and I’ll see what I can do!

You can also add a twibbon to your facebook or twitter profile picture – there’s one with text, or without.

Finally, I’m putting together a Zazzle web shop of ADHD-positive merchandise featuring the butterfly – there are only a few basic items at present, but I’ll add more over time!  Profits from this will go to an ADHD charity, though I have yet to decide which one (got a suggestion?  Let me know!).

On black & white backgrounds:

On transparent backgrounds (in case you want to put the butterfly on top of your own background colour or image) – the one on the left has black antenae for light backgrounds, the one on the right has white antenae for dark backgrounds, but they can’t be seen against the white background of this page):